Search incidents

You can search through incident reports by incident ID or player ID using the search bar on the Incident reports dashboard. The player IDs are IDs found in the Reporter and Offender fields.

  1. Go to Moderation > Incident reports.
  2. Type into the search bar.

A red box highlights the search field where you can type your query in the dashboard.

Search results appear automatically.

Sort incidents

You can sort incident reports by supported columns using the arrow icon. When the arrow icon faces down, incidents are sorted in descending order. When the arrow icon faces up, incidents are sorted in ascending order.

A red box highlights the Submitted heading as an example of clicking on a column to sort the sessions.

Filter incidents

You can filter incident reports from the Incident reports dashboard. The available filters include:

  • Date
  • Overall Risk
  • Offense type
  • Assignee
  • Status Use one of the available filters:
  1. Select the filter option. For example, Offense type. An image of the four options for filtering incidents; Date, Offences type, Assigned to, and Status.
  2. Select the options by which to filter. In-use filters are highlighted in blue. The four filter options with Offense type and Status changed to blue to show they are active.