Vivox Unity SDK documentation

Note: This documentation is for the Unity Vivox SDK v16. This version of the SDK has substantial changes from previous versions. If you are migrating from a previous version refer to the Upgrade Guide.

The Vivox SDK is voice and text chat system that brings in-app communications to your project.


  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Directed voice and text communication services
  • Group voice and text communication services
  • Buddy and presence services

Game developers can integrate these capabilities directly into game clients and companion applications by using the Vivox SDK.

Vivox offers additional features for speech-to-text transcriptions and text-to-speech for better accessibility for users. As well as server-side recording to help reduce in-game toxicity.

Vivox versions

If you are looking for Vivox documentation for the Core or Unreal SDK, refer to the following links:

Additional resources