Vivox Unity Developer Guide

The following guides cover the main functionalities and features of voice and text chat.

Supported platforms and versionsPlatforms the Vivox Unity SDK is available for.
Integration with the Vivox Unity SDKConceptual information covering Vivox functionality.
Acoustic echo cancellationHow acoustic echo cancellation functions in Vivox.
Client SDK basicsHow to initialize the SDK and sign in a user.
Andoird app developmentGuides for developing on Android with Vivox.
In-game audio controlGuides on creating audio controls for users.
ChannelsInformation and guides on using Vivox channels.
MessagingInformation and guides on Vivox messaging.
MutingMuting options in Vivox.
Text-to-speechHow to use and enable text-to-speech.
TransmissionInformation on transmission methods and mdoes.
TroubleshootingPages for troubleshooting common issues.