Pricing and billing

Unity Gaming Services follow a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This means you only pay for services beyond the free tier limits.

Some services require you to enter payment information before you can access them. Services that require payment information display this requirement on the service landing page. For other services, you can get started without entering payment information. You can use services with a free tier up to the monthly usage limit.

If you exceed the free tier limit for any service, your access to all UGS services and APIs is blocked, and you can’t make configuration changes. You must enter payment details to re-enable full access to UGS. If you haven’t entered payment details within 30 days, the services are disabled for your project and your users won’t be able to access them.

You can monitor your data usage for services in the Service Usage page.

View data usage

To view your data usage for services, in the Unity Cloud Dashboard, select Administration > Service Usage.

The Service Usage page displays an overview of all your data usage for all services. If you select a card in the Service Usage page, the Dashboard redirects you to the landing page for the service. This displays more information on the monthly limit for the specific service.