Unity Version Control

What is Unity Version Control?

Unity Version Control (Unity VCS) is a version control and source code management tool you can use for game and real-time 3D development to improve team collaboration and scalability with any engine.

Unity VCS offers you workflows optimized for artists and programmers, and efficiency when you work with large files and binaries.

The Unity VCS web experience in the Unity Cloud Dashboard has new and deeply integrated role-based workflows, code reviews, and user and user group management. These capabilities not only connect teams, they help increase productivity for real-time content creators.

For more information on the tools available with Unity VCS, refer to the Concepts section.

Example workflow

You can customize your workflow to best support your needs.


A version control workflow starts with a task. This task can be in your issue tracker or project, so that each change in code has an associated task.

Task branch development

Next, you create a branch for the task. You can work on the task branch and make check-in changes with comments as you go to record your work.

Code review

Once you mark your task as completed, you can request a code review from one of your coworkers. They can then add comments, ask questions and request changes until they are happy and approve your changes. You can also get a coworker to manually test your code for validation if necessary.

Automated testing and merge

Once the task is reviewed or validated, you can merge the changes. Before you check in the merge, the task changes are tested to check for merge conflicts to avoid breaking the build. To test for merge conflicts before the merge, or to automatically merge changes after a review, you can use a mergebot.


You can deploy changes in the way that best suits your projects. If you use a mergebot, you can enable automatic CI integration.

Use Unity Version Control

You can enable Unity Version Control through your Unity Cloud Dashboard.

Use Unity Version Control via the Desktop Client

You can use Unity VCS with multiple applications and repositories through the Unity VCS desktop client. For more information, refer to the documentation on how to Get started via the desktop client.

Use Unity Version Control via the Hub

You can also add Unity VCS to your projects through the Unity Hub. For more information, refer to the documentation on how to Get started via the Hub.

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