Introduction to Unity DevOps

What is Unity DevOps?

Unity DevOps is a group of tools and workflows that can help you develop games more rapidly and keep your projects secure.

Unity’s DevOps components are designed to support your team as you scale, collaborate and create better together.

With Unity DevOps, you can:

  • Create private code repositories to store and manage source code.
  • Connect to external repositories such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket Cloud.
  • Build and test your latest changes in a build pipeline.
  • Set a trigger to automatically run your build pipeline from a source code commit or pull request.

DevOps consists of a pay-as-you-go consumption model and a free tier.

Get Started

Overview of components

Unity Version Control

Unity Version Control is a version control and source code management tool for game and real-time 3D development to improve team collaboration and scalability with any engine.

It offers optimized workflows for artists and programmers and superior speed working with large files and binaries.

Collaborate more efficiently with an easy-to-use version control system (VCS) made for programmers, artists, and designers.

The Unity VCS web experience has new and deeply integrated role-based workflows, code reviews, user and user group management. These capabilities not only connect teams, they help increase productivity for real-time content creators.

Unity Build Automation

Unity Build Automation is a continuous integration tool that automatically creates multi platform builds in the Cloud. You can point Build Automation toward your version control system to:

  • Automate new builds
  • Build faster
  • Catch problems earlier
  • Iterate your builds more efficiently with agility.

Build automation supports the most popular version control systems, including Unity Version Control and can build for multiple platforms simultaneously, including iOS.

Note: Unity Build Automation has a project size limit of 40GB.

Help and support

When using DevOps services, sometimes you need to get help from the community or talk to someone in support. This page provides more information about accessing these tools.

Unity community forum

In the Unity community forum, you can post your questions and get help from the community. For common issues, someone else has likely asked this question in the past. You can use the search function to look for threads.

DevOps Discord

You can also talk with other Unity DevOps users in our Discord channel.

Build automation knowledge base

Explore and search the Build automation Knowledge base to find relevant questions and answers.

Open a support ticket

To submit a ticket from the Unity Cloud Dashboard, open DevOps and select Help & Support > Ticket > File a ticket.

Contact support

You can contact support at for all version control questions.

Additional resources

The following resources on Unity Learn are available to help you learn more about Unity DevOps and its components.