Get started

Unity DevOps includes two services you can use to integrate, deliver and deploy your projects to compute platforms: Unity Version Control, and Build Automation.

Note: If you are an invitee to a DevOps project, you only need a Unity ID to start working on the project.

Set up DevOps

Sign up for Unity DevOps

  1. If you don’t have a Unity ID, create the ID from the Unity website.
  2. Select the profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Create a Unity ID.
  4. Sign in to the Unity Cloud Dashboard.
  5. From the left-hand panel, select Products > DevOps > Try for free.
  6. On the Product Details page, select Continue to purchase.
  7. From the Your Order page, complete the sign-up process and enter your account credentials.

Create a project

After you complete the sign-up, you must create a project to get started with any Unity DevOps component.

  1. From the Unity Cloud Dashboard, select Projects > Create project.
  2. Complete the steps in the dialogue to finish the project creation.

Set up DevOps in the Unity Cloud Dashboard

When you complete the sign-up, the Devops Overview page displays a series of onboarding tasks. Complete the steps on the Overview page to use the DevOps service, including:

  1. Set up your version control and repository to collaborate on the same codebase.
  2. Set up integrations to be notified of the important parts of your team’s workflow.
  3. Set up build target configurations to trigger builds and automate across platforms.
  4. Invite team members to join and collaborate in your new DevOps environment.

Use DevOps services