Solutions overview

Unity provides a range of sample projects and examples to help you implement features and end-to-end solutions.

Sample projects

The following samples can help you implement UGS features in your games.

Sample projectDescription
UGS use cases projectContains a collection of samples designed to demonstrate how to use multiple UGS products in a single Unity project to solve common game development challenges.
Game Lobby sampleDemonstrates how to use the Lobby and Relay packages to create a typical game lobby experience.
Friends sampleDemonstrates how to implement the Friends service to create a more social experience for your game's users.
MatchPlay sampleDemonstrates how to use Matchmaker and Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) together to create a Matchmake button.
Unity Mirror SampleDemonstrates how to use Relay and the Unity Transport Package (UTP) with the Mirror Networking API.
Block Your Friends game sampleA sample multiplayer game which incorporates various UGS products.
Boss Room game sampleA fully functional co-op multiplayer RPG made with Unity Netcode and the Relay, Lobby and Authentication services.
Cloud Code trigger samplesA set of samples that allow you to use Cloud Code triggers to automate functionality from other services such as Authentication, Cloud Save, Leaderboards, and Economy.
Multiplayer chess sampleDemonstrates how to implement a server-authoritative asynchronous multiplayer game using UGS, without needing a dedicated game server. This uses Cloud Code to provide server authority, Leaderboards to rank players, and Lobby to provide a game lobby experience.

Feature integration

Various Unity Gaming Services work well together to let you create advanced solutions for your users.

The following table gives an overview of use cases that use multiple UGS features to achieve a larger goal.

Use caseDescription
Authentication use casesOverview of services you can use with Authentication.
Authentication for LobbyHow to set up Authentication for Lobby.
Authentication for MatchmakerHow to set up Authentication for Relay.
Cloud Code integrationHow to integrate Cloud Code with other services.
Using Cloud Code with Remote ConfigHow to use Cloud Code with Remote Config.
Creating Game Overrides with CCD and Remote ConfigHow to create Game Overrides with CCD and Remote Config.
Economy Game Overrides with Cloud CodeHow to create Game Overrides for Economy with Cloud Code.
Game Overrides use casesOverview of example scenarios for using Game Overrides.
Reducing ad frequency for engaged playersHow to use Game Overrides to tailor the in-game experience for users.
Integrate Lobby with RelayHow to integrate Lobby with Relay.
Integrate Lobby with VivoxHow to integrate Lobby with Vivox.
Party matchmakingHow to create parties with matchmaking, and share data using Lobby.
Use Relay with Netcode for GameObjectsHow to use Relay with Netcode.
Use Relay with UTPHow to use Relay with the Unity Transport Package.