Cloud Save

Cloud Save allows you to store Player Data and Game Data for your games.

Because it's cloud based, players can access their data anywhere and across devices, which can mitigate data loss when a player changes devices or re-installs a game. Cloud Save enables players to interact with the game world and with each other, even when players are not online at the same time.

You can use Game Data with Cloud Code to add features like guilds/clans, community goals or battle passes, or to store the state of items and NPCs in multiplayer games.

You can create Indexes to query data, Access Classes to control what data players can read and write and use Triggers to run code in response to changes to data (for example, to send push messages to connected clients).


  • Player Data for player data
  • Game Data for non-player game data (e.g. NPCs, entities, game state)
  • Player Files for save game data in any format
  • Queries to make data stored in Cloud Save searchable
  • Cloud Code integration (For example, run Cloud Code Triggers when data changes.)
  • Access Classes allow you to control what data players can read and write

Get started

The Get started guide explains how to add Cloud Save to your Unity project.

The Unity SDK tutorial has examples of how to use Cloud Save with Unity.

Additional resources

Download the Unity Gaming Services Samples project to learn how to solve common game development challenges with Cloud Save: