Cloud Save

You can use Unity's Cloud Save service to save persistent player data (such as game progress) from a game into the cloud, making it independent of device. Because it's cloud-based, players can access their data anywhere and across devices, mitigating data loss when a player changes devices or re-installs a game.

Player data is primarily suited for data tied to a specific player (such as save game states and player preferences) that other players won’t need to access.

Download the Unity Gaming Services Samples project to learn how to solve common game development challenges with Cloud Save:

Data format

Use Cloud Save Data to store any kind of player data you want. The saved data exists on Unity servers, and you can access the information from the Unity Dashboard. You can retrieve the data on any device, so your game easily supports cross-platform play.

  • Maximum 255 characters per slot name

  • Maximum 2000 data slots per player

  • Maximum 5 MB in size per player across all slots

  • JSON serializable data

  • Examples

    • Life counter
    • Number of collectibles amassed by the player

Use Cloud Save Files is for storing data files (binary, JSON, text, CSV, etc.) against keys. A player can have data either in a single file or use many files, with a total size up to 1 GB. Limits:

  • Maximum 255 characters per file name
  • Maximum 200 files per player
  • Maximum 1 GB in size per player across all files