Leaderboards is a feature of Unity Gaming Services that supports the storage, sorting, and ranking of player scores.

Get startedLearn how to set up your project with leaderboards.
SDK sampleUse an example to learn how to implement Leaderboards in your Unity project.
SDK documentationFamiliarize yourself with the Leaderboards SDK to use online multiplayer leaderboards in your Unity project.


You can interact with Leaderboards and implement them in your application using the following interfaces:

  • Use the Unity Cloud Dashboard to create and manage your leaderboards and view entries.
  • Implement Leaderboards for non-MWU (Made with Unity) games using REST APIs.
  • Make calls to the Leaderboards service with the CLI.
  • Use the Unity SDK to implement leaderboards in your application.
  • Implement Leaderboards functionality using the Cloud Code service.
  • Deployments are supported for the Unity Editor and the command-line interface (CLI).
    • Allows you to configure Leaderboards using files, instead of the Unity Cloud Dashboard UI.
    • Include these files as part of version control to minimize the Unity Cloud Dashboard context switching.


OutcomeDescriptionServices used
Display player names in LeaderboardsRetrieve player names using the Authentication service and display them in your Leaderboards.
Display Leaderboards in Lobby menusImplement Leaderboards in Lobby menus to let players compare themselves against each other.
Compare scores with FriendsLet players view Leaderboards for their friends and compare against each other.