Unity Gaming Services CLI

The Unity Gaming Services (UGS) CLI is a command line interface with a variety of tools to manage, test, and deploy Unity Gaming Services configuration. The CLI provides a scalable and automatable alternative to the Unity Cloud Dashboard, and can improve your team workflows & productivity.

Get started

To get started with the UGS CLI, refer to the following documentation:

For complete documentation, refer to the UGS CLI documentation.

Supported services and use cases


Deployments introduces the Config as Code workflow for UGS. You can use the CLI to deploy file configurations using the deploy command, enabling integration into automated build pipelines (CI/CD).

The Deployments feature is also supported in the Unity Editor through packages, including Remote Config and Cloud Code. The CLI enables the Deployments feature for engine-agnostic developers and automated build workflows.

With Deployments, you can:

  • Work with local configurations for Cloud Code and Remote Config.
  • Add service configuration next to the game client code.
  • Apply git-like workflow to service configuration, for example, branch, merge, diff, tag.
  • Map Unity Environment to a repository branch and work in isolation.
  • Manually deploy file configuration via the CLI or Deployment Window.
  • Add a deploy step to your CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment.

Supported services for Deployments

Supported services for CLI