Cloud Save Game Data

Cloud Save Game Data is key/value storage for objects that are Custom Items that are associated with a game/project (this differs from Player Data which is associated with a player).

Custom Items can have properties that are player readable (but only server writeable) or have keys/values that are exclusively readable and writeable from a server.

Refer to the documentation for the Cloud Save SDK for Cloud Code for a list of methods for writing Game Data from Cloud Code.

Access Classes

Cloud Save supports 2 different Access Class levels for Custom Items.

  • Default: Readable by any player, wiretable only from a server
  • Private: Readable and writeable only from a server

Custom Item Data in the default Access Class can be accessed using the Unity SDK.
Custom Item Data in any Access Class can be accessed using Cloud Code or from a Game Server.


  • Custom Items have a limit of 2000 key/value pairs each, per Access Class
    • 2000 keys in the default Access Class
    • 2000 keys in Private Data
  • Custom Items have a total limit of 5 MB each, per Access Class
    • 5 MB of data in the default Access Class
    • 5 MB of Private Data

e.g. You can have 2000 keys of 2.5 KB each on each Custom Item, or 1 key on a Custom Item that is 5 MB.

  • The limits are per Custom Item, there are no limits on the number of Custom Items you can have

i.e. you can have 2 or more Custom Items each with up to 2000 keys (or 5 MB data).