Get started with Unity Version Control via the Unity Hub

You can add Unity Version Control (UVCS) to your projects through the Unity Hub.

If you don't already have DevOps set up, then you get a free trial of the DevOps services when you enable Version Control through the Hub. You can also set up DevOps through your Unity Cloud Dashboard. For more information, refer to Get started with Unity DevOps.

Note: If you are an invitee to a DevOps project, you only need a Unity ID to start working on the project. Refer to Add a remote project to your Hub to get started.

View your projects in the Unity Hub

The second column on the Projects page of the Unity Hub shows whether each project has UVCS enabled:

  • The link icon means that the project uses UVCS. Select the link icon to view your repository in the Unity Cloud Dashboard.
  • The broken link icon means that the project doesn't use UVCS.
  • The warning icon means there is an issue with your access to UVCS for that project. For example, you don't have permission to access the latest version.

Enable UVCS for your projects

Create a project with UVCS

To create a new project in the Unity Hub with UVCS:

  1. Select the New project button.
  2. In the right side panel, set a Project Name and Location .
  3. Select the Use Unity Version Control checkbox.
  4. Check the auto filled Unity Version Control Organization, Repository Name, and Server location fields and edit them if necessary.
  5. Select the Create project button.

Add UVCS to an existing project

To enable UVCS for existing projects in the Hub:

  1. Select the context menu for the project.
  2. Select Use Unity Version Control from the dropdown menu.
  3. Check the auto filled Repository field and edit it if necessary.
  4. Select the Connect to Version Control button.

Add a remote UVCS project to your Hub

If you've been invited to a project that uses UVCS, you can add that project through the Unity Hub to download it:

  1. Select the down arrow next to the Add button.
  2. Select Add remote project.
  3. Select the project and then select the Next button.
  4. Choose the Project location for the project and select the Next button.
  5. Select the Editor version and platform.
    • If you don't have a compatible Unity Editor version for the project, a dialogue opens for you to install a compatible version.

Open your UVCS projects

To open your project with the latest changes, select the project context menu and select Download the latest and open from the dropdown.

When you open a project that you enabled UVCS on, the Editor opens the project with the Unity Version Control window open.

Note: If the Unity Version Control tab isn’t displayed, select Window > Unity Version Control to open it.

For information on how to use UVCS through the Unity Editor, refer to the Tutorials section.

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