Evidence is supplementary information that helps moderators make actioning decisions on reports. Evidence can be event logs, channel information, or recorded audio. To incorporate evidence into your reports, you must use Vivox and/or Safe Voice in your application. Using both will generate more total evidence for your reports.


To incorporate evidence from Vivox logs and channels, you must use Vivox Unity SDK version 16 or higher.

If your application uses an earlier version of Vivox you can follow the Upgrade guide to upgrade to version 16 and access the new functionality provided by that version.

When using v16, Moderation automatically collects channel events as evidence in user reports. Events will appear in the Event logs tab when looking at incident details.

Safe Voice

Safe Voice is currently in Open Beta. To connect a Unity Project to Safe Voice, reach out to Unity Safe Voice Support.

Once you have Safe Voice activated in a project, follow the Safe Voice documentation(add URL when live) to use the service in your application. For evidence from Safe Voice to be accessible to moderators, they must have the role of Safety Moderator in Safe Voice’s User Roles settings.

After Safe Voice is connected to your project, you can configure which Report Types should have Safe Voice evidence attached. To edit these settings, go to Moderation > Settings > Edit, then toggle the Safe Voice Evidence switch for the Report Types you want to have recorded evidence for. After configuring this setting, evidence is automatically collected when a player submits a report.

Recorded sessions from Safe Voice will appear alongside Incident reports on the Evidence tab in the Moderation dashboard.