Resolve an incident

Organization Owners and Users can resolve incidents from the Incident reports dashboard regardless of whether they responded to the incident with an action or not.

To resolve an incident:

  1. From the Unity Cloud Dashboard, go to Moderation > Incident reports.
  2. Select the incident by ID.
  3. Select Take action next to the assignee.
    1. In the Resolution tab:
      1. Select the action to apply and to the Reported. By default, the reporter has no action applied. Refer to Apply an action for more detailed instructions.
      2. Select the action to apply to the Offender.
      3. Select the duration for which to apply the action to the Offender.
    2. In the Comments tab:
      1. Optionally add a comment about the resolution of the incident.
  4. Select Resolve.

After a user resolves an incident, other users can see the resolution (including any applied actions and their duration) from the incident report’s Detail view.

Resolve an action conflict

If an Organization Owner or User applies an action to a player and an existing action of the same type already exists on the player, the Unity Cloud Dashboard displays a warning. At this point, the user can choose to overwrite the existing action.

To overwrite the existing action (and apply the new action) when resolving an incident, select the confirmation box before resolving the incident.

Overwriting the existing action reflects in the activity log by showing that the old action was revoked when resolving the incident with the new action.

You can view active actions taken against the players by hovering over the Active action warning.

A screenshot of the resolce incident popup.