View incident details

You can view the details of an incident by selecting the incident ID. Incident details are grouped into three categories on the incident page:

  • Incident details
  • Evidence
  • Activities

Incident details

Details available include all the incident information, including the ID, offense type, reporter, and offender. If your project is connected to Safe Voice, a Safe Voice risk score will also be listed.

You can assign a User to an incident from the incident page by selecting a User from the Assign moderator list.

A screenshot of incident details. It shows the date and time of the submission, the offense type, who reported teh incident and who the offender in the incident was.


Evidence in this section is broken down into Safe Voice sessions and Event Logs.

Selecting a Safe Voice session ID opens the session page where you can play back the reported incident, see Moments, and reported risk scores.

For more information on Safe Voice sessions, refer to Session results.

Events available in the Event logs view include the events around the incident report.

Events included in the Event logs include:

  • A player joining the channel
  • A player leaving the channel
  • A player muting another player
  • A player unmuting another player
  • A player reporting another player

Event logs include players leaving and joining the channel when an incident involves a Vivox channel.

For more informatin on how to populate incidents with evidence, refer to the Evidence documentation page.


Activities available in the Activity view include all the activities linked to the incident, such as creating the incident and assigning an Organization Owner or User.

Activities include the following actions:

  • Incident created
  • Incident assignments
  • Comments
  • Resolutions
  • Revoked actions
  • Overwritten actions

You can add comments to an incident report from the Activity view by typing into the comment field, then selecting Submit.

A screenshot of the Activity tab for an incident. It shows a timeline of actions that have taken place on the incident. Such as the action being revoked, the incident being resolves, and the incident being assigned to another user.