Unity Version Control CLI

Unity Version Control CLI, or 'cm', is a command line interface for use in your terminal or your scripts.

This reference includes all available commands documentation with usage guides and examples.


To install the Unity Version Control CLI, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the download page.
  2. Click the corresponding Download button:
    1. Cloud Edition if you are using it in the cloud.
    2. Enterprise Edition if you are using it on-premises.
  3. The download will start.
  4. Follow the installer instructions and complete the installation.

Getting Started

After installing the CLI, you can complete its configuration by opening a terminal and following the configure documentation, or you can use the Desktop Client wizard.

To proceed with the Desktop Client wizard, you can open the Unity Version Control shortcut from your application explorer. Alternatively, you can open your terminal and enter the following command to launch it:

Windows Users

plastic --configure

Mac or Linux Users

plasticgui --configure


Now that everything is configured, you can start using the CLI. To access it through your terminal, type:

cm <command>

Replace '<command>' with any of the available commands.

At any moment you can access the documentation from the CLI by using 'cm help' or typing 'cm <command> --help'.


cm repository list

cm help

cm showcommands

Available Commands