Use an Amazon S3 bucket for a build

You can directly reference cloud storage buckets as a source of game binaries from within the Game Server Hosting platform. This feature allows you to adopt Game Server Hosting without disrupting any existing infrastructure, pipelines, or CI/CD workflows that rely on an external cloud storage solution, such as Amazon S3 buckets. After linking an external bucket to a Game Server Hosting project, you can view, manage, and sync the build files from the Unity Cloud Dashboard.

Game Server Hosting supports using Amazon S3 buckets as a source for build files. You can upload your build files to an Amazon S3 bucket, then create a build version using a snapshot of the current files in that bucket.

Note: The keys you provide for the Amazon S3 bucket are encrypted and only used for syncing purposes.

You can upload your build files using an Amazon S3 bucket by selecting Amazon S3 as the Upload method when you create a build. The following instructions explain the process in more detail.

  1. In the Unity Cloud Dashboard, open Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).
  2. Select Builds.
  3. Select Create build.
  4. Fill in the build details:
    1. Give the new build a name.
    2. Select the operating system.
    3. As the Upload method, select Amazon S3.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Fill in the Amazon S3 bucket credentials:
    1. Enter the Bucket S3 URI.
    2. Enter the Access key.
    3. Enter the Secret key.
    4. Give the new build a version name or leave empty if you would like this update to automatically be given a version name.
  7. Select Finish.

    Note: After you select Finish, Game Server Hosting begins syncing the build in the background. You can view the sync progress by going to the Builds view and selecting the build by name.