Configure core dumps

A core dump is a debugging file which contains a process's address space (memory) when it terminates unexpectedly. This file provides a snapshot of what happened when a process crashed.

To generate core dumps for your game server, you must configure the feature at the fleet level to tell it where to store the core dump file.


To configure core dumps for your game server, you must have an existing Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket. Refer to Create buckets (Google).

Unity Cloud Dashboard configuration

To configure core dumps:

  1. In the Unity Cloud Dashboard, open Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).
  2. Select Fleets.
  3. Select the fleet for which you want to configure core dumps.
  4. Select Core Dump Storage.
  5. Select Configure core dump storage.
  6. In the Configure core dump storage dialog:
    1. Set Storage service to Google Cloud.
    2. Write the bucket name exactly as it appears in your GCS account.
    3. Add the service account client ID.
    4. Add the service account private key.
  7. Select Finish.

Note: You can find the service account client ID and private key within your GCS bucket's .json key file. In the key file, the client ID is marked as client_id, and the private key is the full contents of private_key, excluding the quotation marks. Refer to Create a service account key (Google) for information about creating keys.

If this fleet causes your game server to crash, the core dump file appears in this GCS bucket.