Create a fleet

Note: The content on this page pertains to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) available on the Unity Cloud Dashboard. If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Clanforge), refer to the Game Server Hosting (Clanforge) documentation.

The embedded Game Server Hosting setup guide walks you through creating your first fleet. However, you can always add more fleets by following these instructions.

Note: You can create up to 25 fleets per organization.

  1. In the Unity Cloud Dashboard, open Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).
  2. Select Fleets > Create fleet.
  3. Define the fleet details.
  4. Define the fleet scaling settings.
  5. Define the server density.

Define the fleet details

The first step in the process of creating a fleet is defining the details of the fleet, such as the name, the operating system, and the build configurations.

  1. Provide a name for the fleet.
  2. Select the operating system. Select the operating system required by the build you plan to use with this fleet. You can't change the operating system later.
  3. Select one or more build configurations to link to this fleet. You can only link build configurations that aren't already linked with another fleet. If the build configuration you want to use is not there, unlink it from its current fleet before continuing.
  4. After you’ve filled in all the fields, select Next.

Define the fleet scaling settings

One of the most important considerations of a fleet is the scaling settings. The scaling settings of a fleet are composed of a Min available servers value and a Max servers value for each region within the fleet.

  1. Add a region to the fleet. You can add as many regions as you need, each with its own scaling settings.
  2. Specify the Min available servers value for the region.
  3. Specify the Max servers value for the region.
  4. Select Finish after you’ve added all the regions you want in this fleet (and their corresponding scaling settings).

Warning: Minimum available servers will incur costs, even with no traffic. If you are trying to limit costs, we suggest you set a minimum of 0.

Define the server density

At this stage, it is time to define the server density for this fleet, telling Game Server Hosting how many resources each server has access to when running this build using this build configuration. There are separate workflows for configuring cloud and bare metal server density.

You now have a fleet, a build configuration, and a build configured and ready. To view the servers for this fleet, go to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) > Servers.