Create a build with a direct upload

Warning: Builds created with the direct file upload process doesn't support symbolic links. If you want to use symbolic links, you must use a Container build.

Warning: There’s a 4 GB limit per file uploaded directly through the Unity Cloud Dashboard interface. You can avoid this limit by using the Game Server Hosting API.

  1. In the Unity Cloud Dashboard, open Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).

  2. Select Builds > Create build.

  3. Fill in the build details:

    1. Give the new build a name.
    2. Select the operating system.
    3. As the Upload method, select Direct file upload.
    4. Select Next.
  4. Add the files required to run your game or application. The files must be in a loose, unzipped folder. At a minimum, the build files must contain an executable form of your game or application.

  5. Select Upload Files.

  6. After the files finish uploading, select Next.

  7. Give the new build a version name or leave empty if you would like this update to automatically be given a version name. Select Next

  8. Select Finish to automatically create the first release. Game Server Hosting can’t run a build on a server unless the build has at least one release.

You now have a new build. Before you can use the build, you need to create (and link) a build configuration and a fleet. Refer to Create a build configuration.