Game Server Hosting SDK for Unreal Engine

Note: The content on this page pertains to all versions of Multiplay, including Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Managed Game Server Hosting (Clanforge).

The Game Server Hosting SDK for Unreal Engine includes all the functionality necessary to leverage Multiplay scaling and game server services in your game.

For more information about using Unity Gaming Services products with Unreal Engine, refer to Unity Gaming Services SDK for the Unreal Engine, which contains Game Server Hosting, Matchmaker and Authentication in one convenient package.

Refer to Get started (UGS for the Unreal Engine) to download and install the SDK.

Note: Refer to Game Server Hosting SDK for Unity if you’re using the Unity Engine to develop your game.

Important: The Multiplay SDK for Unreal Engine is incompatible because it is now included in the UGS SDK. If you are already using the Multiplay SDK for Unreal Engine, delete it to resolve the migration. No code change is required.