Game images

Note: The content on this page pertains to Managed Game Server Hosting (Clanforge). If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), see the Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) documentation.

In Game Server Hosting, the concept of game images encompasses game versions, game images, game image versions, mods, and profiles. The hierarchy for game image management is modprofile → game version → game image → game image version.

  • Mods and profiles link specific settings to game versions and the game images within them.
  • A game version is a specific version of a game that links the game, mod, and game image together. Profiles tie specific settings to game versions, such as start-up flags and map types.
  • A game image has basic information, such as the disk location, game version, and latest game image version.
  • A game image version holds all the files for a specific iteration (version) of a game image. When a game server starts up, it uses the game image version files to run the game server process.

Game image versions don't change on disk during the allocation process; the game image versions are pre-installed on the host machine and ready for a game server to use. Game image versions dictate which executable a game server is going to run based on the launch path, which is constructed from information such as the game image identifier and the mod name. A game image identifier—sometimes called an image ID—is a unique number that identifies a specific game image.