Server files filters

After you display the game server files for a specific server ID, you can narrow these results by using the provided filters.

Note: A maximum of 600 files are displayed at any one time in the table. To view more files, use the available filters to narrow down the results.

Filter files by date

To filter server files by date:

  1. Select Date range.
  2. In the resulting menu, select one of the available date ranges.

The list of relevant files update automatically.

If you chose Custom as your date filter:

  1. Set the Start date, Start time, End date, and End time.
  2. Select the correct Timezone.
  3. Select Apply.

To search for files:

  1. Begin typing the file name or part of the path in the search bar.
  2. Press Enter to update the results.

Preview a single file

To preview an individual file, select the file name from the list of game server files. This action displays a condensed version of the file without downloading it.

Note: This feature is currently limited to .log filetypes.

Download a single file

To download a single file, select the Download icon at the end of a file's row.