Free start-up credit

Note: The content on this page pertains to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) available on the Unity Cloud Dashboard. If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Clanforge), refer to the Game Server Hosting (Clanforge) documentation.

All new organizations receive an $800 sign-up credit. The credits are valid for six months from your sign-up date. The credits automatically apply on your first and following invoices until they're exhausted or expire.

Your credit starts rolling when you subscribe to Unity Gaming Services. It applies to your entire Organization. For example, if you have two projects using Game Server Hosting, they are pulling from the same $800 credit.

Once your credit is consumed or expires, you are charged for your usage.

Note: To view a real-time preview of your consumption, in the Unity Cloud Dashboard, select Administration > Costs and usage reporting. You also receive emails and dashboard notifications when the credit is almost consumed or expired.

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