Server allocations

Warning: The API documentation here is for Managed Game Server Hosting (Clanforge). If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), refer to the Game Server API documentation.

Returns details of one or more allocations.

This endpoint should be polled by a matchmaker to monitor for the state of allocations that have been request. It is recommended that you poll in batches of up to 100 allocations at a time.



Request parameters

fleetidThe <fleetid> parameter accepts the ID of the fleet the allocations belong to.No
uuidThe <uuid> parameter can be provided more than once with different allocation UUIDs. The response body includes information about the specified allocations.

All the specified UUIDs must belong to the same fleet.


Response fields

profileidintegerID of the profile used by this serverNo
uuidstringID of the allocationNo
regionsstringID of regions this game server is inNo
createdstringTime at which the allocation was createdNo
requestedstringTime at which the allocation was requestedNo
fulfilled*stringTime at which the allocation was fulfilledNo
ready*stringTime at which the allocation was marked as ready for playersYes
serverid*integerID of the server for this allocationNo
fleetidstringID of the fleet this server is inNo
regionid*stringID of the region this server is inNo
machineid*integerID of the machine this server is onNo
ip*stringIP (version 4) address of this game serverNo
ipv6*stringIP (version 6) address of this game server (if supported by your fleet)Yes
game_port*integerNetwork port for this game serverNo
errorstringDetails of any errors that occurred during allocationYes

Fields marked with * can be returned as an empty string until the allocation process is complete.

Example request

curl --location --request GET '<fleetid>&uuid=<uuid>&uuid=<uuid>' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic YOUR_AUTH_CREDENTIALS'

Example response

    "success": true,
    "messages": [],
    "allocations": [
            "profileid": <profileid>,
            "uuid": <uuid>,
            "regions": <regions>,
            "created": <created>,
            "requested": <requested>,
            "fulfilled": <fufilled>,
            "serverid": <serverid>,
            "fleetid": <fleetid>,
            "regionid": <regionid>,
            "machineid": <machineid>,
            "ip": <ip>,
            "ipv6": <ipv6>,
            "game_port": <port>,
            "error": <error>,
            "ready": <status>