Server status

Note: The content on this page pertains to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) available on the Unity Dashboard. If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Clanforge), see the Game Server Hosting (Clanforge) documentation.

A server status is an indication of the server’s current state. Servers can be in one of the following states:


When a server has an active allocation ID and is hosting a game session, it’s in an allocated state. Allocated servers might or might not have active players connected to the game session it's hosting.


A server is available when it’s offline and doesn't have an active allocation. When a server is available, it's in the available servers pool and ready for a matchmaker to use in an allocation.

Warning: Any number of available servers will incur costs, even without traffic. If you are in development or trying to limit costs in a low traffic environment, set the Minimum available scaling value to 0.


A server is online after it has received a start command, usually through an automated process or a manual command from user. Players can connect to an online server if they know its IP.