Unity Moderation has the following requirements:

  • You must have a Unity ID. Refer to Creating a Unity ID.
  • You must be a member or project member of a Unity Organization with access to the Unity Moderation service. If you aren’t part of a Unity Organization, a member of the Organization with Owner or Manager permission can add you to their Organization through the Unity Cloud Dashboard.
  • You must have a Unity Project to enable Unity Moderation.
  • You need to be using a Unity Editor version of 2020.1 or higher.

Note: Contact Unity Moderation Support to connect a Unity Project to Safe Voice.

To access the Moderation service, project members must have one of two roles: Safety Moderator or Safety Admin. Each role comes with distinct permissions:

  • The Safety Moderator role allows users to view incidents and action them.
  • The Safety Admin role includes all the permissions of the Safety Moderator and the ability to edit settings.

To assign a role to a user, select the Project Settings button from the Unity Cloud Dashboard. Choose either "Organization members" or "Project members". In the selected section, select the user you wish to assign a role to and then choose between the "Safety Moderator" or "Safety Admin" role. Once applied, the user is assigned the chosen role, granting them the corresponding set of permissions.

Organization members that have the base role “Owner” or “Manager” have all the safety roles applied by default.