Unity Authentication

Attention: The Digital Services Act (DSA) requires Unity to notify our customers’ end users in the unlikely event that Unity takes an action which impacts those end users under the DSA. To comply with this end user notification requirement, we developed a new notification API. If you use Unity Gaming Services (UGS) products that rely on the Unity Authentication Service, you need to integrate the new notification API by the effective date of the DSA, February 17, 2024. The following API is ready for adoption in late January 2024. Please refer to our DSA compliance efforts. Refer to DSA notifications to make your game compliant.

Apps typically need to know player identities to provide features and services to game developers and players that ensure security, consistency, and safety with every interaction. Unity Authentication provides anonymous and platform-specific authentication solutions for supported platforms, including mobile and Windows.

Anonymous access doesn't require players to enter sign-in credentials or create player profiles. However, access through a platform requires sign-in credentials. Unity provides authentication through SDK and API calls, enabling game developers to focus on doing what they do best—creating games.

Download the Unity Gaming Services Samples project to learn how to implement Authentication to solve common game development challenges: