QoS overview

Note: The content on this page pertains to Managed Game Server Hosting (Clanforge). If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), refer to the Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) documentation.

QoS gauges the connection between game client and game server to help select the best available server to join. Factors such as location, throughput, latency, and packet loss are critical in keeping a satisfactory experience for multiplayer gamers.

What does QoS solve?

Consider the following diagram, which shows a game client in the center and all the possible datacenters to which it can connect. The game client might be running on a machine that's geographicly closer to some datacenters than others (those depicted as touching the circle). However, if the client has a bad connection to of some datacenters, even if they're geographicly close, then it's preferable to connect somewhere else. QoS evaluates multiple criteria, in addition to geographic proximity, to find the best servers to which to connect (shown in the diagram as the datacenters that are connected by solid lines).

Game client in relation to geographicly diverse datacenters.