Deallocation flow

If using the allocations model, after a game session finishes, players disconnect, and post-processing is finished, the allocated server needs to be returned to the available pool so that it can be allocated for a new session. Each game determines when this event, called a deallocation, should occur so Game Server Hosting lets the matchmaker decide when the server is ready to be reused. Game Server Hosting also automatically deallocates game servers when players exit their game server.

The deallocation request uses the same components that are involved in an allocation request.

The server deallocation process.
  1. Request deallocation: Matchmaker makes an HTTP request to the Server Deallocate API endpoint. The request includes details of the allocation.
  2. Hand off: The request gets handed off to the allocation processor. This is done asynchronously because the matchmaker doesn't need to wait for processing to finish.
  3. Restore allocated game server: The allocation processor calls the game server on the machine to clear any configuration related to the allocation.
  4. Return server to available pool: The game server is ready to receive new requests from game clients. It's marked as available and returned to the pool of available servers.