Server Configuration Variables

Note: The content on this page pertains to Managed Game Server Hosting (Clanforge). If you’re using Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), refer to the Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) documentation.

The following are configuration variables that can be used within a game's launch parameters and templated profile configuration files. This configuration is used by Game Server Hosting to create a server.json file for each game server instance.

Variable nameInformation
$$port$$The port at which the specific game server instance is accessible
$$port[n]$$[n] here would be a number from 1~5 if you use $$port2$$ this will use the next port
$$queryport$$The port at which you can access the query protocol data.
$$ip$$The IP address of the server instance
$$name$$Server Name
$$regionid$$The name of the region of which the server is a member.
$$max_players$$Max Players
$$maps_rotate$$List of maps for game rotation
$$1/4_max_players$$1/4 Max Players
$$1/2_max_players$$1/2 Max Players
$$maps_space$$Maps (space seperated)
$$maps_crlf$$Maps (crlf sperated)
$$timelimit$$Time Limit
$$ConfigPathRelative$$Relative config path. eg. for a game "SampleGame", with version "deva", and server "123123": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva/123123
$$mod_names$$Mod Names
$$mod_titles$$Mod Titles
$$mod_param$$Mods (game parameter)
$$ConfigPathRelativeBase$$Relative base config path. eg. For game "SampleGame": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva
$$ConfigPathRelativeFull$$Relative full config path: eg. for game "SampleGame", with version "deva": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva/logs
$$gametype$$Gametype Identifier
$$mod_base_dir$$Mod (End Dir)
$$mod_base$$Mod base directory. eg. for game "SampleGame" with version "deva": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva
$$mod_dir$$Mod directory. eg. for game "SampleGame" with version "deva": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva
$$timelimit_seconds$$Time Limit (seconds)
$$InstallPath$$Game Patheg. eg. for game "SampleGame" with version "deva": /usr/local/games/SampleGame/deva
$$ConfigPath$$Config Path
$$ConfigPathRelativeFullBase$$Config Path Full + Mod Base (relative)
$$GamePathRelative$$Game Path (relative)
$$mods_commandline$$Mods (command line option)
$$mod_dir$$Mod Dir
$$server_config$$Server Config Filename
$$server_maplist$$Server Maplist Filename
$$gametype_title$$Gametype Title
$$mod_custom$$Mod (Blank if default)
$$ConfigPathRelativeFullMod$$Config Path Full + Mod (relative)
$$GameExePath$$Game Exe Path
$$max_memory$$Maximum Allowed Memory
$$game_version$$Game Version
$$mod_version$$Mod Version
$$GameVersionPathRelative$$Game Version Path (relative)
$$ping_site$$Custom variable used for various purposes. i.e for having region name on server names
$$ping_site_name$$Can be utilized separately from the pingsite value if needed
$$virtualtypeid$$Virtual Type ID. Returns 1 if Bare Metal, 2 If Jail (FreeBSD), and 3 if Cloud VM
$$game_build$$Shows the version of the game the customer filled in when performing a game update
$$city$Location Name (i.e. Amsterdam)
$$autorestart_interval$$Sets the auto restart timer on server start (value in seconds)
$$autorestart_interval_force$$Set to 1 or 0. When set to 1, will force restart the server even if there are players in it.