Custom Dashboards

Use Custom Dashboards in Unity Analytics to attach your custom reports to dashboards for comparison and monitoring. You can compare multiple charts side by side in one central view.

You can add reports from Data Explorer, Funnels, and SQL Data Explorer.

NOTE: SQL Data Explorer reports are charged query seconds each time they are loaded. For more information, see Analytics billing.

Create a dashboard

You won’t be able to edit the filters and visualization types from here, but they display according to what’s saved in the report.

To set up a Custom Dashboard:

  1. Open Analytics in the Unity Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Select Custom Dashboards in the side panel.
  3. Select New Dashboard in the top right of the list page.
  4. You’ll see an untitled dashboard in edit mode.
  5. Select Add report to see a list of reports that can be added to your Custom Dashboard.
  6. Select your reports from the list and select Add. If you don’t see any reports you can create a new Data Explorer, Funnel, or SQL Data Explorer report.
  7. The report(s) will execute and you can view them while in edit mode (except for SQL Data Explorer reports).
  8. Select Save changes in the top right to save your dashboard. Give your dashboard a name and (optionally) a description and select Save.
  9. You’ll now see your new dashboard details, and you can go to the list page to see it there.

Edit a dashboard

  1. To edit your dashboard, select Edit Dashboard in the top right corner of the dashboard.
    1. To add another report, select Add Report.
    2. To remove a report, select the trash can icon in the top right corner of the chart.
    3. You can drag and drop dashboards using the dots icon in the top left.
    4. Resizing charts isn’t possible yet, so charts have a fixed width.
  2. Select Save changes in the top right, to make your changes available on your dashboard.

Rename a dashboard

To rename a dashboard, select Edit Dashboard and select Rename.

Share a dashboard

To share individual dashboards, select Export and select Export as PNG.



You can switch dashboard views between a graph and table. Tables are a data grid and you can drag and drop columns, sort columns, sort by a single column, and pin columns to the left and right.

In Edit mode you can save your table, which keeps the table as default in the view dashboard page.

Drag and drop

In Edit mode, use the dots icon in the top left of a dashboard to drag and drop it to a different position. Use this to reorder your dashboards.

Chart legends

Use custom legends in your headings to control the data in a report's chart. Select the data name in the legend to hide and show different data.

Filter by report type

See reports of a different type in Add report and search through the filtered results list to add to the dashboard. Filter by Data Explorer, SQL Data Explorer, and Funnels. You can filter a group of reports and filter funnel reports alone.


Select the information icon (i) to view the report description and available filters in a tooltip. If there is no information icon, the report has no description or filters.