Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Note: Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) is Unity's self-serve experience for hosting and scaling your game. It uses the same technology and features as Game Server Hosting (Clanforge) with a streamlined presentation and better integration with other Unity products and services. If you’re using the old version of Game Server Hosting, check out the Game Server Hosting (Clanforge) documentation.

Welcome to Game Server Hosting, Unity's scalable server hosting platform.

Game Server Hosting removes the complexity of running and operating infrastructure at scale, so your development team can focus on creating engaging player experiences.

In addition to removing the complexities of scaling a multiplayer game, with Game Server Hosting you can also:

Typically, a game developer or studio has expertise in areas directly related to game creation, such as gameplay, animation, and level design. However, successfully managing the hosting and scaling of multiplayer games can be challenging, and time pressures to ship your game. These obstacles can make multiplayer games challenging to implement, especially if you don't have enough servers to meet the player demands.

Refer to the Ecosystem overview and Integrations to learn more.

What’s next?

Refer to the Get started guide and the Game Server Hosting SDK to learn how to launch your game with Game Server Hosting or explore the documentation to learn about the concepts behind Game Server Hosting and how to perform specific tasks.

Also check out the following samples to help you get started:

  • BR200 - Battle Royale Multiplayer with Photon Fusion: Unity has teamed up with Photon to create a brand new Battle Royale sample that helps you produce peak performance on Unity’s Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) orchestration platform and Matchmaker. You can find detailed instructions on how to install and use this sample here.
  • MatchPlay sample: A simple but efficient integration of Game Server Hosting and Matchmaker in a simple sample.