Audiences are players that are grouped by criteria such as player behavior or location. Audiences can be targeted to personalize their game journey.

You can segment your Audience based on in-game behaviors, such as a recent purchase in the last seven days. You can analyze groups of players and look for engagement opportunities.

Predefined user metric segments let you filter and target your players. You can create custom Audiences based on the defined user metrics to target a Remote Config Campaign (see below).

Unity Analytics has the following features:

  • Audience segmentation takes seconds, compared to hours in the legacy Unity Analytics.
  • Audiences can be used for Campaign targeting.

Standard Audiences include Recently Active Players, New Players, and Churned Players. Audiences show information about how they interact with your game. For example, you can target Unengaged Players who only play occasionally (one or two days a week) with tailored game content to attract them into playing more often.

Below is a list of predefined Audiences:

Name Description Criteria
Recently Active Players Anyone who played the game in the past 30 days. Represents the entire current player base and can be used for generic Campaigns such as informing players of changes to the game. lastGameSessionEventTimestamp days less than or equal to 30
All Spenders Players who spent real money in the game. The primary direct revenue generators of the player base which can be targeted for special offers or premium content. Useful for sweeping premium effects, such as turning off full page ads. Total Real Currency Spent Greater than 0
Non-Spenders Players who used your app, but have never spent real money. They can be encouraged to spend through targeted first time conversion offers or targeted with in-app advertisements. Total Real Currency Spent Equals 0
Recent Spenders Players who made a real money purchase within the last seven days. These players may be suitable targets for repeat purchase offers or special recent spender content. Last payment timestamp less than 7 days ago
Lapsed Spenders Players who spent real money previously but didn't make another purchase in more than 30 days. These players may be targeted with specific extra-value repeat conversion offers. Last payment timestamp greater than 30 days ago
New Players Players that recently first started the game. These players might appreciate introductory messaging around content, events and time-limited IAPs, like starter packs. firstGameSessionEventTimestamp less than or equal to 2 days ago
Existing Players Players that played the game for at least two calendar days. Suitable for messaging current and upcoming events and time-limited offers. lastGameSessionEventTimestamp less than 2 days ago
Engaged Players Players that are highly active in your game (played every day in the past week). The core of the playerbase who are most likely to respond to calls to action messaging and offers. Days Played Last 7 Days greater than or equals 7
Unengaged Players Players that show low activity in your game (played two or fewer days in the past week). While not completely churned, these players likely need some intervention to avoid completely leaving the game. Days Played Last 7 Days less than or equal to 2
Dormant Players Players who have previously been active in the game, but haven't played within the last 14 days. They're encouraged to return by re-engagement calls through out-of-game messaging. lastGameSessionEventTimestamp between 7 and 14 days
Churned Players Players who haven't played the game in more than 14 days. The players are almost certainly churned from the game but can be contacted through out-of-game messaging for re-engagement. lastGameSessionEventTimestamp greater than or equal 14
Veteran Players Players who played more than 100 sessions in their lifetime. Long-term players are the most likely to keep playing and promote the game. Effective targets for encouraging rating the game and bringing in social contacts. Total Sessions Played greater than 100

Predefined Audiences cannot be edited, but you can create Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences

You can create an Audience from the Audience view and from Campaigns.

From Audiences, click Create Audience. Give it a name and description. You'll need to add rules, such as targeting users who have spent more than X amount. You can also use operands like AND and OR to further tailor your Audience. Click Publish to make this audience available for analysis.

Give your custom Audience a name and description. Add rules to refine your Audience.

To create a new Audience, you need to:

  • Choose a metric from the predefined list, for example, Total Real Currency Spent.

  • Choose an operator, for example, greater than.

  • Choose the value. This will depend on the metric and could be a string, date, integer, bool, etc.

Select your parameters.

  • Audiences can be used in Campaigns as a target Audience.

  • Created Audiences cannot be edited apart from name and description.

  • Created Audiences can be deleted but are treated as a ‘soft delete,’ which removes the Audience from the list of available Audiences. If an Audience is used in a Campaign and it’s deleted, the Campaign won’t break.

  • The data shown is in real time and will automatically be updated as the Audience population changes.

Audience that groups spenders that can be used to target these players with a Campaign for players that are most likely to pay.