Multiplayer Services sessions for the Unity Engine

Note: The Multiplayer Services SDK uses sessions to manage groups of players. Sessions rely on Relay and Lobby internally and, as such, contribute to the billing of those services.

The Multiplayer Services package is a one-stop solution for adding multiplayer elements to a game developed in Unity 6. The Unity Gaming Services (UGS) Multiplayer services powers these capabilities to define how groups of players interact in your games.

Get startedLearn how to install and set up the Multiplayer Services package and its prerequisites.
Build your first session with the Multiplayer Services packageExplains how to use key concepts, such as sessions and how to join them, including an example to illustrate how to get a simple multiplayer game working.
Working with the Multiplayer Services SDKLearn about different ways to configure a multiplayer game programmatically.
ReferenceLearn about any related foundational information.