Get started with Lobby

Read the following sections to learn how to set up a Lobby project and how to use the Lobby Game sample project. If you haven’t already, visit Get started with UGS to learn how to work with the Unity Dashboard.

Set up a Lobby project

Note: Before continuing, make sure you have a Unity Dashboard account. For more information see the UGS overview documentation.

  1. Create a Unity Dashboard project.
  2. Enable the Lobby service.
    1. From the Unity Dashboard, select Multiplayer > Lobby.
    2. Select Set up Lobby.
    3. Continue to the Lobby Setup guide embedded in the Unity Dashboard.
  3. Link your Lobby project in the Unity Editor.
    1. Open your project in the Unity Engine and navigate to Edit > Project Settings.
    2. From the Project Settings window, go to the Services tab.
    3. Select Use an existing Unity project ID and link to the Dashboard project displayed in the Setup guide.
    4. After the project links successfully, you're ready to move on to the next step of the integration process.
  4. Install the latest Lobby package for Unity.
    1. In Unity, navigate to Window > Package Manager.
    2. From the Package Manager, search for or scroll through the Unity Registry to find the Lobby package.
    3. Select the package and click the Install button. See the Package Manager documentation for more information.