Introduction to Safe Voice

Safe Voice is a Machine Learning based voice analytics service that records player voice communications and provides users with an analysis of the recording and the recording itself to support customer moderation. These recordings provide additional context to moderation teams around this currently undersupported aspect of communications.

When a user identifies an incident, they can report a player for harassment; Safe Voice then records the event and returns an analysis of the recording.

This analysis generates recorded evidence for the support team to review and use in decision-making. This evidence helps teams prioritize incidents and identify whether the user violated policies.


The Safe Voice API is based on a service-to-service API that enables game developers to request monitoring of an ongoing Vivox voice channel to provide analysis based on specific events within the game.

The game’s backend service makes the request. After successfully recording and analyzing the monitored voice channel, Safe Voice stores the audio data and the analysis results in customer-provided storage. The moderation team can then use the recordings and analysis results to investigate incidents within the community.

High level diagram