The table below contains the requirements for integrating with Safe Voice.

VivoxYour game needs to be using Vivox to host voice communication between players:
  • Required Vivox SDK Version: V5
  • Audio Codecs that are supported: Opus
No exceptions
Your game needs to collect informed consent to personal data collection from all players that join voice channels.
This consent must be:
  1. An affirmative act opting in to the collection prior to the data being collected
  2. Freely Given
  3. Specific
  4. Informed. Request for consent must include the following information:
    1. Identity of the data controller is
    2. The biometrics that will be collected and how it is collected
    3. Personal information which will be collected and associated
    4. Ability to refuse biometrics
    5. Purpose/ use of the information
    6. How it will be shared / who will have access
    7. Retention period of data
    8. How to action data subject rights such as access, deletion, correction and withdrawal of consent
    9. Transfers of data to external countries.
    10. Security measures
  5. Unambiguous
Please note that including this information in a EULA with other legal terms is not sufficient for the purposes of obtaining informed consent. Rather, consent should be obtained via a separate consent modal. You can find an example of a consent modal which meets the above requirements here. Additionally, you need to be able to send this consent information to Safe Voice via a web API.
No exceptions
ModerationA reporting system is in place that players can use to report other players if they experience behavior that does not align with the community's standards. You need to be able to hook into such a reporting event to send a request to the Safe Voice API, triggering the channel screening.You can ignore this request if you don't want to use Safe Voice for content moderation, but only for receiving insights about the health of your online community.
StorageYou have a storage bucket that fulfills the requirements:
Supported storage providers:
  • AWS S3
You have a set of credentials with the required permissions that you can use with the Safe Voice API:
  • PutObject - Allows Safe Voice to put recordings into a customer bucket.
  • GetBucketLocation - Allows Safe Voice to get the AWS region that a bucket is in.
If you don't want Safe Voice to send the audio data and results to a storage that you own, you can ignore this requirement.
UGS Organization and ProjectSafe Voice screenings are linked to a UGS organization and project. To be able to integrate with Safe Voice, you will need an organization ID and a project ID. To sign up and get started, follow the UGS documentation. To create a new project, follow the managing projects guide.No exceptions

If all the requirements are fulfilled you can start the integration process using the Integration Guide.