Unity Lobby

The Lobby service provides a way for players to discover and connect to each other to accomplish a variety of multiplayer gaming scenarios. Some common examples of this are:

  • Browse a list of available game sessions and allow the player to select and join one.
  • Share a join code with your friend to allow them to directly connect to your game session.
  • Use Quick Join to find any available match and jump in.
  • Create a private lobby and send invites to your in-game friends list.
  • Host a lobby from a game server and use it to manage and restrict access to the server session.
  • Query for lobbies that match a specific set of requirements (e.g. game mode, map type).

The Lobby can persist for the duration of the game session to provide a mechanism for users to re-join an existing game session or facilitate host-migration after an unexpected disconnect.

Visit the Support page to learn how to contact the Unity Lobby support team.