Relay integrations

As part of the Unity ecosystem, Relay integrates well with other Unity products, including Lobby, Unity Authentication, Unity Transport Package, Netcode for GameObjects, and the Mirror Networking API.

Note: For the time being, the Unity Relay SDK has a hard dependency on the Unity Transport Package (UTP). Check out Requirements and limitations.


The Lobby service allows you to connect players before or during a game session with public or private lobbies. You can use the Lobby service to group players together in a lobby before starting a game session or prevent connection loss if a host player becomes unavailable. Check out the Lobby documentation.

Note: Check out Lobby vs Relay to understand where Lobby and Relay overlap in their capabilities.


Unity Authentication provides anonymous and platform-specific authentication solutions for supported platforms, including mobile and PC (personal computers). You can use Unity Authentication to authenticate players with Unity services, including Relay. Check out the Unity Authentication documentation.

Unity Transport Package

Relay leverages the Unity Transport Package (UTP) to offer a connection-based abstraction layer over UDP sockets with optional functionality like reliability, ordering, and fragmentation. You can use Relay with UTP and NGO, or only UTP if you prefer an alternative netcode library.

Check out the UTP documentation.

Netcode for GameObjects (NGO)

Relay works seamlessly with the Netcode for GameObjects (NGO) package to offer Relay networking capabilities to GameObject and MonoBehavior workflows.

Check out the NGO documentation.

Mirror Networking API

Relay supports the Mirror Networking API. Check out the Unity Mirror sample project documentation to learn more.