Block lists

A block relationship is a one-way connection between two users that indicates that one user would like to avoid communicating or interacting with the target user.

A block can also refer to the action a user performs to add another user to their block list, which is a list of users that the current user has blocked. Adding a user to the current user's block list creates a block relationship between the current user and the user they blocked.

Blocked users can't interact with a user who has a block relationship targeting them. The blocked user will be unable to see their presence, and will be unable to send them notifications. Additionally, the game client may use the list of blocked users to improve the player's experience by preventing other in-game interactions between the two players.

Blocking a user that is on the current user's friends list doesn't automatically remove that user from their friends list. The Friends service will return both a FRIEND relationship and a BLOCK relationship for that user. However, the SDK will not include blocked friends in the list that it exposes. If the user is unblocked, they will immediately reappear in the friends list on the client.

Situations in which the current user might want to block another include:

  • When another user sends an unwanted friend request.
  • When they want to remove a user from their friends list and don't want that user to send another friend request.