Game Overrides

Game Overrides in Economy allow you to make changes to your Economy configuration for groups of players, schedule changes, and A/B test them, without releasing new versions of your game.

See Game Overrides for more general information about this feature. See Create an Override for information on how to set up Game Overrides for Economy.

This documentation covers how to interact with Game Overrides using the Economy SDK.

Game Overrides in the Economy SDK

Game Overrides uses a configuration assignment hash to tell Economy which configuration to show a player, depending on which audience they fall into. The SDK predominately handles this for you: when you fetch your Economy configuration (for example, using GetCurrenciesAsync()), the Economy SDK automatically stores the most recent configuration assignment hash for that player.

On initialization, you must call one of the fetch configuration methods (for example, GetCurrenciesAsync()) before using the methods in the PlayerBalances, PlayerInventory, or Purchases namespaces to populate the configuration assignment hash in the SDK.

Future calls to Economy use this hash to get the correct Economy configuration for the player.

To fetch an updated configuration assignment hash, fetch your configuration again.

Accessing the configuration assignment hash

Please refer to Config Caching