About Crash and Exception Reporting

Crashes and exceptions can have many different causes and effects. Some are noticeable to players while others are not. For example, one issue may cause your game to briefly freeze when trying to load a level. A more noticeable issue may prevent a multiplayer game from connecting to the server or cause the game to crash altogether. An issue might be caused by a bug in your code, such as a missing asset or an updated API for an online service. The more you know about an issue, the quicker it can be fixed.

When Cloud Diagnostics is enabled with your made-with-Unity project, use the Unity Dashboard to view real-time data about any crashes and exceptions your players may experience. View information about possible issues in your app, such as how many users are affected or what platforms and devices an issue occurs on. Investigate log messages, stack traces and view metadata about individual crashes or exceptions. This detailed information about the cause and effect of issues in your app helps you to identify, prioritize, and fix any problems which may arise.

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