Record ad impression events

Use the adImpression event to track what happens when you show an ad to a player.

Send events manually

The adImpression event is a standard event with a predefined schema you must match to process and track the event. A special AdImpressionParameters object is provided by the Analytics SDK to fulfil the schema when recording an ad impression.

Use the following code to record a minimal adImpression event:

public void RecordAdImpression()
	AdImpressionEvent adImpression = new AdImpressionEvent
		AdProvider = AdProvider.UnityAds,
		AdCompletionStatus = AdCompletionStatus.Completed,
		AdEcpmUsd = 12.34,
		AdStoreDestinationId = "CoolStore1337",
		PlacementId = "PLACEMENTID",
		PlacementName = "PLACEMENTNAME",
		PlacementType = AdPlacementType.BANNER


Some of these fields need to be populated with values that come from your ad mediation SDK, while others are specific to your game. See the breakdown:

AdProviderThe ad network name or ID that served the ad, for example, UNITY, IRONSOURCE. This value is often passed on a per-impression level by your mediation provider or ad network. You might need to map it to a value in the `AdProvider` enum.
AdCompletionStatusIf the user watched the entire ad (COMPLETED), part of the ad (PARTIAL), or none of the ad (INCOMPLETE). Most applicable for interstitial ads which can be skipped by players.
AdEcpmUsdeCPM ("effective Cost Per Mille": the revenue generated by 1000 impressions) in US Dollars. This value is often passed on a per-impression level by your mediation provider or ad network and used in ad LTV calculations. Populate this value if possible.
AdStoreDestinationIdThe store the player is directed to after cliking the ad, for example, Google Play, App Store, Amazon.
PlacementIdThe unique identifier for the placement as integrated in the game.
PlacementNameThe name of the placement as integrated in the game, for example, "Boosters" or "Daily Reward". This correlates with the placement name configured in your ad network or mediation provider.
PlacementTypeIndicates what type of ad is shown, for example, REWARDED, INTERSTITIAL or BANNER.

The AdImpressionEvent object contains a number of other fields that are less important, which you can also populate if you want.