Unity Lobby service

Lobby feature overview

Lobby provides two main flows using public lobbies and private lobbies for players to create and find game sessions. The following are each of their features:

  Public lobbies Private lobbies
Discoverable via Query Yes No
Joinable by Quick Join Yes No
Joinable by Id Yes Yes
Joinable by lobby code Yes Yes
Note: You can use both types of lobbies within a single game title.

Public lobby

A public lobby lets your players create, browse, and join public lobbies that fit their search parameters.

Private lobby

A private lobby lets your players invite other players by sending them a lobby code.

Quick Join

Quick Join lets players join a game session as fast as possible. The player specifies their requirements, and then they instantly join a matching lobby (if one is available). You can also use this method to implement simple matchmaking or to let players join games in progress.