Unity Lobby (Beta) service

Note: Unity Lobby (including this documentation) is currently in beta release, and that by using Unity Lobby you agree that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Important: You should not use Lobby in COPPA flagged games.
Note: In this Beta, Lobby and Relay are turned on and off together if they are both enabled for a project.

Lobby feature overview

Lobby provides two main flows using Public Lobbies and Private Lobbies for players to create and find game sessions. The following are each of their features:

  Public Lobbies Private Lobbies
Discoverable via Query Yes No
Joinable by Quick Join Yes No
Joinable by Id Yes Yes
Joinable by lobby code Yes Yes
Note: You can use both types of lobbies within a single game title.

Public lobby

A public lobby lets your players create, browse, and join public lobbies that fit their search parameters.

Private match

A private match lets your players create private lobbies where they can invite other players by sending them a lobby code.

Quick Join

Quick Join lets players join a game session as fast as possible. The player specifies their requirements, and then they instantly join a matching lobby (if one is available). You can also use this method to implement simple matchmaking or to let players join games in progress.