Frequently asked questions

Are there any costs associated with Unity Authentication?

There are currently no costs for Unity Authentication.

Which third party logins are currently supported by Unity Authentication?

Apple, Facebook, Google Play, Steam.

Are there any samples available to showcase what Unity Authentication offers?

We have samples that demonstrate how to use Anonymous login and third party logins. The samples also include linking, unlinking accounts and session management.

Which Facebook app types are currently supported?

We currently support the Consumer and Business app types.

What is the supported SteamWorks SDK version?

SteamWorks SDK version 20.0.0 and above are supported.

How can I manage player accounts locally for multiplayer testing?

You can isolate and preserve sessions by using AuthenticationService.Instance.SwitchProfile(string profile)API. This allows managing multiple accounts locally by switching the current player profile and isolating the session token in PlayerPrefs. Refer to the Profile management section for more information.

Do we support console platforms?

We support console-specific logins. We do not currently support cross-platform linking for console id providers.