Unity Analytics

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Analytics, part of the Unity Gaming Services platform, provides an end-to-end data and analysis solution designed to support your entire studio. Analytics lets studios easily understand game performance and player behaviors.

Welcome to the documentation where you can learn how to leverage the full power of Unity Analytics. Whether you're a game developer, data analyst, or studio manager, this documentation portal is your guide to unlocking valuable insights and optimizing your game's performance.

Get started

See Get started for guides and tutorials on how to integrate Unity Analytics into your game. We step you through the installation process, viewing core metrics, and capturing essential player data.

Understand core metrics

To truly understand the health and performance of your game, see the Concepts and Tutorials sections. Discover the key indicators that provide insights into player behaviors, engagement levels, and monetization. Explore metrics such as Days Played Last 7 Days, Sessions Played Last 7 Days, Total Real Currency Spent, and more. Learn about these metrics to optimize your game's success.

Analyze data

Use filters and track custom events to reflect custom points and actions in your game in Data Explorer and Funnels. Discover advanced techniques to extract actionable insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance player experiences in SQL Data Explorer.

Engage & Experiment

Leverage Unity Analytics to make informed decisions and enhance your game's success. Utilize powerful engagement and experimental features, including core metrics analysis, A/B testing, and targeted push notifications. Segment players using Audiences, harness data-driven insights, and customize experiences for various player groups. Optimize game performance and drive higher engagement.

Troubleshoot and support

Our Reference section provides guidance through common challenges during game development. Find troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and access to our dedicated support team for the assistance you need. Use additional resources like best practices and release notes to better interpret your data.

Start your journey

Start exploring our comprehensive documentation and empower yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to transform data into actionable insights. Begin by signing up for UGS, linking your dashboard project to a Unity Editor product, and installing the SDK. See our billing section to learn about MAU-based pricing (monthly active users).