Data privacy and consent

Important notice: You must implement a privacy solution separate from Unity Ads to use UGS Analytics. If you're using both Unity Ads and UGS Analytics, the Unity Ads opt-out mechanism does NOT apply to both services.

The consent flow:

Analytics collects data to help you improve the player experience in your game. Some of that data includes personally identifiable information (PII) regulated under data privacy laws.

Some regions might require consent to collect personal data by law, and others might require end-user notice and the opportunity to opt-out, notably under CCPA regulations. However, consent and opt-out requirements extend beyond these use cases and must be applied in any region that requires it. By using these functions, you take responsibility for providing this consent correctly and for all regions.

Typically when a user does not consent to, or opts out of data collection and processing under a data privacy regulation (for example GDPR, CCPA, or PIPL), this prevents personal data from being collected about your users and likely impacts your analytics and key metrics.

Important notice: The Analytics SDK does not manage data privacy compliance in any way. You, the developer, are responsible for determining what data privacy legislation applies to the player and what consent is required before activating the SDK.

The SDK is initialized in a dormant state, and discards any events. Once you've confirmed that you have the player's consent to collect data, you can activate the SDK by calling AnalyticsService.Instance.StartDataCollection().

For further information, including code snippets, see these pages: